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WER Customer Advisory Panel Meeting Notes 6/11/2008

Jun 24, 2008 at 6:43 PM

Presenter : Kevin Hill (khill)


·         Adobe

·         Symantec



·         Welcome to the first WER CAP

o   We will be discussing the Next release feature set and also talking about the future direction of the ISV Windows Error Reporting functionality

·         Current Features

o   New Cab Arrival

o   Response Information

o   New Files Mapped

o   Security Alerts

o   New Escalations

o   Hot Lists

o   News

o   General Summary

·         Next Release

o   Data Subscription-

§  Problem Statement: Information in the WER portal is currently only available via a pull model for the majority of users.  While there is a service interface available, not all ISV’s will build a custom application to interface with cab data.

§  Desired Change: Allow for users to receive email notifications when key data on the WER portal changes or is updated.



§  Steps:

·         1. User clicks on Subscribe

·         2. System directs user to subscription panel

·         3. System automatically turns on the subscription

·         4. System generates note

·         5. User customizes Criteria and schedule

o   Response Integration

§  Problem Statement: Currently our ISV’s do not have an interface to track response satisfaction within our systems. This creates a lot of manual churn on the response management side of our process and in turn affects ISV’s ability to assess customer satisfaction with fixes.

§  Desired Change: The general goal is to provide response data to ISV’s through the web portal and data subscription feature in order to help ISV’s. Implement a system oriented approach that drives customers to the response data by exposing response metrics on the Developer Portal and through the data subscription feature.




·         Future Releases

o   Visual Studio Integration

§  Automatic Mapping of Compiled files

§  Real-time crash dumps

o   WER OnSite

§  Cab collection

§  Symbol Server

§  Analysis engine

·         Q&A + Feedback

o   Ian @ Adobe asked:  If it was a possibility to set a higher threshold for certain applications? For Example: Acrobat Reader would average more hits therefore requiring a higher threshold vs Adobe Acrobat would average less hits would require a lower threshold